The Real-estate business in Dubai is very dynamic and so working with the right professional agent who can gauge the market and promote your property for sale is highly essential. 

Hire someone experienced with a successful track record who can guide you smoothly throughout the whole process and introduce you to genuine buyers. Luxiador.com’s realtors are seasoned professionals and have the know-how of helping you strike the best deal.

Presentation is key, and the first look of your ‘space’ should be appealing enough to induce the buyers to consider indulging in further discussions. 

Apply a coat of fresh paint to the ‘apartment’ or ‘villa’ on sale and replace old furniture, to create a brand-new look to the home.

Pricing is key for the property to have a better chance at being sales worthy. A study of similar sales properties over the last quarter will give you a good indication of the current value of your home. An agent who is proficient at networking will also help you valuate the ‘asset’ correctly.

Flyers, promotional blitz and even an online presence can go a long way in achieving the desired results. Properties that are marketed well, have higher chances of fetching good buyers.

And finally, but most importantly, familiarise yourself with the formalities of sale procedures. Various parties will be involved besides the buyer and the seller; for example, the bank if a mortgage is involved. There will be lots of paperwork involved and so the presence of a knowledgeable agent is crucial to this whole process.