Open House is one of the most important days when it comes to successfully selling your home and one sure-fire way of emerging victorious is through the expertise of “Staging”.

Staging is what turns the house into a ‘home’ so that the buyers can imagine themselves living there.

The first tip would be to enhance curb appeal as anyone would judge a book by its cover so to speak. Interested buyers would decide to do a quick drive by first before deciding whether they really want to have a look inside.

So, ensure the outside is clean, pruned and attractive.  Go a step beyond just simply cleaning by getting rid of clutter. Steer clear of too many accessories. Keep it simple but draw attention to the best features of the home.

Rearrange the furniture if you have to. Transform dead spaces that have never been used before into positive spaces such as an oddly shaped corner into a cosy nook with an armchair and a shelf of books. Voila! You have yourself a mini-library.

Connect spaces with a single-family colour scheme to make them look bigger. And last but not the least, know your market by thinking about its specific needs.