World’s Most Famous Golf Courses

Golf is often considered to be a humble and sophisticated sport that exudes elegance. Enthusiasts have been playing the game of Golf since the 15th century so there is no shortage of spectacular golf courses to choose from. So, if you ever wish to perfect your swing or enhance your game, here are some top-ranking venues for you to explore.

1.         St. Andrews (Old Course)

Having hosted the Open Championship a record 29 times, the Old Course is the very birthplace of the game and has an unsurpassed pedigree in spades. The venue features a brilliant layout, expansive rolling greens, blind shots and the very essence of history.

2.         Pine Valley Golf Club

Strategically residing amidst the barrens of New Jersey, Pine Valley is lauded for its brilliant layout and is considered to be a quintessential example of penal golf-course architecture.

3.         Cypress Point Golf Course

Located on Pebble Beach, Cypress Point is a glorious collection of golf holes and is celebrated for serving dramatic views of the shoreline. Not stretching over 6,500 yards, this golf course is a statement in itself that never fails to offer a vivid and thrilling game to casual observers as well as seasoned golfers.