Luxiador Complete Sellers Guide

A property sale could turn out to be a nightmare. Planning to sell your current apartment home or villa? We bet you must be tired & stressed while questions pop into your mind one after the other. At what price should I list my home? How long will it take to sell the property? Will buyers actually appreciate the asset? Who will help me through this process? If you are on the verge of selling your dream asset to someone else, we’ve got your back!

At Luxiador, our team of expert sales agents are at your beck & call whenever you need them and will guide you through this frantically scary experience and turn it into a pleasurable win-win agreement.

Anything that looks good, sells faster! Often sellers don’t pay attention to making their offer ‘look’ attractive, and thereby struggle halfway down the road. So, here’s what we suggest;

Take Pretty Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words! When probable buyers visit a property portal or approach our agents at Luxiador, they should be ‘wowed’ looking at pictures of your home. If there is anything like ‘love at first sight of the picture’, we should aim to get that done!

Since we at Luxiador eat, sleep, and breathe ‘real estate properties, we know what it takes to make a home look good. As an add-on service, we connect you with expert photographers who are highly professional & experienced to capture your homes in their best avatar. Here are some handy tips to follow while scheduling a photoshoot;

  • Choose a time of the day that will enhance the appearance of the home in terms of natural sunlight. Schedule the shoot as per the lighting preference and make sure the subject in the frame is clearly visible. Allow natural light to seep in through the windows and doors, but don’t overexpose the interiors with too much light.

  • Keeping your homes tidy & clean is a prerogative even if you aren’t planning to sell your house. However, take extra efforts to do the needful, especially when you have a professional shoot lined up. Don’t keep your belongings stacked up in a corner, instead put them away in the attic. There should be no visual distractions and the space should look speckless.

  • Dust your windows, doors, chairs, etc., and make sure there is no speck of dirt showing in the photograph. Even a bit of dirt can seem untidy and reckless on the path of the homeowners.

Our photographers will do a thorough recce of the place and prepare a plan of action before the shoot.

Floorplan and EPCs

A floorplan is a basic piece of information that is furnished by the real estate agents, for the buyers to get a fair bit of information about what the property looks like. It gives you a glimpse of what your living space will look like and how it will flow into the bedroom area. A 2D or 3D diagram is prepared to indicate the floorplan and our photographers from Luxiador are trained for the job. They will first measure the home and then produce the required drawings that will be featured on our website.

Sign a Contract with Real Estate Agent

All our agents are trustworthy and RERA-approved and therefore you can count on us for authenticity. We would require you to sign ‘Form A’ – which is a mandatory document by RERA to formally mandate the marketing & brokering of your property by the agent. The form aims to make the process transparent and includes the following; property details, agent commission, service charges, payment schedules, mortgage status, and listing details. Once this form is submitted to DLD (Mumbai Land Development) via their online system, you will be given a ‘permit number’ which states that your property can be officially advertised.

  • Take Pretty Pictures
  • Floorplan and EPCs
  • Sign a Contract with Real Estate Agent
  • Prepare for ‘The Viewing’
  • Use Our Marketing Portals
  • Keep Your Documents Handy

Form F also known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a paper required that indicates the ‘sales contract’ between the buyer and seller of the property. It contains Terms & Conditions agreed upon by both parties, with the pricing details, selling cost, and also the transfer date. This Form F is a very important piece of document & is legally binding on both parties. So, prepare Form F with great care and take the help of our agents to carefully get all details mentioned on the form.

Prepare for ‘The Viewing’

Welcoming probable home buyers into your existing abode is an art that needs to be mastered correctly. Research suggests that most buyers decide to purchase the property on their first or second visit. This means you have only ‘one chance’ to make a big impression and fascinate the buyer about the property. Here are some tips suggested by our viewing experts to keep in mind;

  • Practice the walk and prepare well in advance, as to where you will navigate the potential party. Which room will you first showcase to the client? You must choose this part wisely, as the most well-decored and furnished part of the house should be flaunted first before you decide to show off some more.

  • Alongside showing them just the aesthetic features of the house, try to explain the benefits to the client. For example; through this balcony, you will get a view of the sunrise and you can have your morning cuppa chai here. Another example; this space is an additional room that can be converted into a study or play-place for your kids. Adding such statements resonates with the audience & gets them intrigued even more.

  • Be patient and answer all the questions shot at you by the buyer. Everyone deserves good listening & would like to get straightforward answers to their apprehensive questions. However, don’t get too stressed about this, as our ‘agent’ from Luxiador will be by your side through this process and pitch in for answers every now & then.

  • Touring the house is great when there are no pets loitering around and kids throwing things at each other. Basically, make sure your family is placed somewhere else and only you & your spouse should be part of the home tour.

  • Do things that are unexpected. Who doesn’t like to be treated with a ‘welcome drink’ at arrival and some music in the background? Going that extra mile will earn you some brownie points and chances are that the dotted lines could be signed sooner than you had imagined.

  • Highlight not only what they are getting from the home, but also the neighborhood and the society at large. For example; two blocks down the road you will have access to schools, hospitals & coffee shops. The clubhouse celebrates community festivals like Eid and Diwali, and the swimming pool committee arranges for a coach every Thursday. These tiny details make a huge difference, so make sure you pronounce them clearly.

Use Our Marketing Portals

To attract the right buyers, you need to place your property advertisements in the right media. Our expert marketing team at Luxiador knows just how to execute this job to perfection. Alongside our online listing on we will publish your Advert on our social media channels & also suggest local newspapers/magazines to push your offering.

Keep Your Documents Handy

Ideally, before you even plan to list your property, the following documents must be kept handy. Your offer for sale can be accepted at any time, so be prepared with the following; if you are a UAE resident then you need a valid passport, resident visa, and Emirates I, which is updated with your latest information. For non-residents, only a valid passport which is currently valid is required.

You need to also have a Title Deed which is updated and valid, in a format that is currently being authenticated by the Govt. You can get more details about the same on the Mumbai Rest App. The App makes it convenient to upload all your documents and get the Deed updated.

The Mumbai Municipality also suggests getting a NOC made for all the work you’ve done for your house. This includes; extensions made to the interiors or exteriors, any structural changes done at the time of renovation; and any such amendments solicited. Plan well in advance to get these documents ready and not at the nth hour.

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